BBN is Born1948

Bolt, Beranek and NEwman

Two professors at MIT, Richard Bolt and Leo Beranek, established a small acoustics consulting firm, and soon added a former student of Bolt's, Robert Newman.

First Contract with U.N.1949

United Nations Flag

BBN won its first major consulting contract, designing the acoustics for the United Nations General Assembly Hall.

Noise Masking for Privacy1950


Discovered noise masking as a technique for privacy design of offices and libraries.

Structural Damping1957


Developed theory of structural damping due to a layer of viscoelastic material between two layers of structural material.

First Computer1958


BBN purchased its first computer, an LPG-30 manufactured by the Royal McBee company.

AI Program1959

1959 artificial intelligence

Developed artificial intelligence program for pattern recognition.

First DEC1960


Leased Digital Equipment Corporation's first PDP-1, serial number 1.

Composite Noise Rating1961

Bolt Beranek and Newman Technologies

Developed Composite Noise Rating (CNR) for airport noise, which was adopted by the DoD and FAA for military and civilian airports.

Libraries of the Future1961

1961libraries of future

BBN commissioned by the Council on Library Resources to perform a two-year study on "Libraries of the Future."

First Time Sharing Demo1962


Performed first public demonstration of computer time-sharing.

First Voice Modem1963


Designed and demonstrated the first voice modem, called DataDial, to enable remote communication with computers by telephone.

Statistical Energy Analysis1964


Developed Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) for solving problems of structural vibration in aerospace vehicles and surface ships.

Lick Publishes Libraries of Future1965


BBN's J.C.R. Licklider published Libraries of the Future examining systems for information storage, organization, and retrieval; use of computers in libraries, and library question-answering systems.



Developed LOGO, the first interactive programming language for education.



Developed LUNAR, one of the earliest natural language systems.


Bolt Beranek and Newman Technologies

Launched the ARPANET.


Bolt Beranek and Newman Technologies

Developed TENEX, the first virtual memory operating system for Digital Equipment Corporation computers.


Bolt Beranek and Newman Technologies

Sent first person-to-person email message using the @ sign.



Performed initial development of INTERLISP, a list processing programming language useful in artificial intelligence research.

First NOC1971


Developed a geographically distributed facility for the monitoring and control of a packet-switched computer network, the first network operations center.

Private Line Interface1973


Developed the Private Line Interface (PLI) to encrypt messages over the ARPANET, demonstrating the first secure traffic sent over a packet switch network.



Implemented TELENET, a commercial network service, which later became part of SPRINT.

Hear What I Mean1976


Developed Hear What I mean (HWIM), one of the earliest continuous speech recognition systems incorporating language understanding.

First Unix TCP1977

Bolt Beranek and Newman Technologies

Developed the first Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) for Unix.

First Internet Routers1977


Developed first Internet routers in collaboration with Stanford University and University College, London.

Packet Broadcast Satellite1978


Demonstrated Packet Broadcast Satellite communications over the Atlantic Ocean.



Demonstrated the feasibility of long-range automatic detection and recognition of airborne targets from submerged acoustic sensors in the open ocean using the AUSEX system sponsored by DARPA.



Deployed the Black-Crypto-Red (BCR), the first IP-based network encryption system and the first packet encryption system to implement remote re-keying and dynamic access control.

Kennedy Tape1979


Led the technical work, wrote most of the reports, and testified before Congress on the acoustical analysis of Kennedy assassination tape.

Wideband Satellite System1980


Implemented the Wideband Packet-Switched Satellite System.

Butterfly, First Parallel-Processor1981

Bolt Beranek and Newman Technologies

Built the Butterfly computer, the first parallel-processor with 128 processors and global memory.

Defense Data Network1982


Won contract to build and operate the worldwide Defense Data Network for DoD.

BBN Communications1983


Launched BBN Communications, which built the communications infrastructures for major commercial customer networks, including MasterCard and MCI.

Internet Private Line Interface1983


Demonstrated the Internet Private Line Interface (IPLI), an advanced tactical version of the Private Line Interface to protect Secret traffic across unsecured IP packet networks.

AIA Institute Honor1984


Received Institute Honor from the American Institute of Architects for pioneering work in architectural acoustics.


Bolt Beranek and Newman Technologies

Developed SIMNET (Simulation Network) to interconnect microcomputer-based combat vehicle simulators on a common network.

Registered bbn.com1985

1985 became the second commercial domain name registered on the Internet.


Bolt Beranek and Newman Technologies

Developed Byblos, BBN's high-performance continuous speech recognition system.

Acoustics for Alliance1988


Completed the acoustic design of NATO's research vessel, Alliance.



Created New England Academic and Research Network (NEARnet), a regional data communications network that operated at speeds up to 10Mb/s using microwave and leased communication links.

Defense Simulation Internet1989


Developed the Defense Simulation Internet to carry data, voice, image, and video traffic used in military intelligence, operations, planning, and logistics in simulations and exercises.

Multistatic Active Acoustic Processing1991


Performed the first demonstration of an interactive, multistatic active acoustic processing and display system operated by Navy operators aboard an ASW aircraft.

Genetic Algorithm Schedulers1991

1991 genetic

Developed a unique representation for genetic algorithm schedulers, making it possible for computers to produce highly optimized solutions to extremely complex scheduling problems.

DARPA Award1992

Bolt Beranek and Newman Technologies

Won DARPA's outstanding Performance by a Contractor award for the Dynamic Analysis and Replanning Tool (DART), for modification and transportation feasibility analysis for Time-Phased Force and Deployment Data that was used during Desert Storm.

BBN HARK Recognizer1993

1993 hark

Introduced the BBN HARK Recognizer, the first real-time, speaker-independent speech recognizer for standard computers.

Networked Community of Tomorrow1993

Bolt Beranek and Newman Technologies

Implemented CO-NECT (Cooperative Networked Community of Tomorrow), a prototype school design program that used computer and networked communications technology as part of a project-based curriculum.

Large Vocab Speech Recognition1993

1993 large vocab

Demonstrated the first large vocabulary (20,000-words) continuous speech recognition system in real-time on a commercial, off-the-shelf computer.

Secure Email for DoD1993

1993 secure email

Developed secure electronic mail system for the Department of Defense.

BBN Planet1994

1994 bbn planet

Formed BBN Planet, which later became one of the world's largest Internet Service Providers.

Gigabit Satellite Network1995

Bolt Beranek and Newman Technologies

Developed the Gigabit Satellite Network for the provision of OC-3/OC-12 (155Mps/622Mps) services via NASA's experimental Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS).

Parlance Corporation1996

1996 parlance

Formed Parlance Corporation, which uses BBN's advanced speech recognition technology in its turnkey call routing service.

PKI Working Group1996

1996 pki

Chief Scientist Dr. Stephen Kent elected to co-chair the Internet Task Force Public Key Infrastructure Working Group.

Certificate Authority Workstation1996

1996 certificate

Completed development of the Certificate Authority Workstation for supporting several critical Defense Message System (DMS) functions, including secure messaging, certification hierarchy support, cryptocard management, and DMS certificate creation and revocation.

Space Technology Hall of Fame1997

1997 satellite

BBN and four BBN scientists inducted into the U.S. Space Foundation's Space Technology Hall of Fame in recognition of work performed on the conception and development of the DARPA/NASA Gigabit Satellite Network.

Distant Thunder1997

1997 distant thunder

Developed Distant Thunder, demonstrating the operational feasibility of autonomous multistatic active detection, classification, and localization of submarine targets using a field of acoustic sensors.


1997 gte

Purchased by GTE Corporation.


1998 rough and ready

Developed Rough'nReady incorporating many speech and language processing technologies to extract information from speech and create indexed, searchable audio archives.

First Multigigabit Router1999

1999 multi

Completed development of the first multigigabit router.

IEEE Corporate Innovation Award1999

Bolt Beranek and Newman Technologies

IEEE Corporate Innovation Award "For contributions to networking technology through development of the first packet switches, ARPANET Interface Message Processor (IMP), and Terminal Interface Message Processor (TIP)."

Call Router1999

1999 call router

Introduced Call Router, a natural language call routing system that allows users to speak in their own words and dialects.


2000 Verizon

BBN Technologies' parent company, GTE, merged with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon.

IEEE Third Millennium Medal2000

2000 John Makhoul

Chief Scientist John Makhoul awarded IEEE Third Millennium medal.

NASA Award2000

Bolt Beranek and Newman Technologies

Earned NASA Commitment to Excellence Award.

Document Retrieval System2002

2002 document retrieval

Developed a cross-lingual document retrieval system that takes queries in English and retrieves documents in Arabic, Chinese, or Spanish.

Quantum Cryptographic Network2002

2002 quantum network

Built and began operation of the world's first network protected by quantum cryptography.

Semantic Web2002

2002 semantic web

Participated in development of the Ontology Web Language for the Semantic Web.

Language-Independent OCR2002

2002 language independent

Achieved Optical Character Recognition milestone with a language-independent OCR application.


2002 spie Source Path Isolation Engine

Developed the Source Path Isolation Engine, a single-packet IP traceback system.

Directional Antenna Networking2002

2002 directional antennas

Designed and implemented the first complete ad hoc networking system that uses directional antennas.

SBA Award of Distinction 2003

2003 sba small business award

Earned the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Award of Distinction.

Prototype Shooter Detection2003

Bolt Beranek and Newman Technologies

Developed a prototype mobile counter sniper system to help protect American soldiers and Iraqi civilians.

National Medal of Science2003

Dr. Leo Beranek, one of the three co-founders of BBN, received the National Medal of Science. one of the highest honors bestowed on scientists in this country.


2004 independence

Regained status as an independent company.

IEEE Internet Award2004

Bolt Beranek and Newman Technologies

Principal Engineer Ray Tomlinson received the 2004 IEEE Internet Award for his key role in the conceptualization, first implementation, and standardization of networked email.


BBN's MicroThunder® system successfully demonstrated the use of BBN's advanced Multistatic Impulsive RF Sensor System in a portable wireless surveillance network designed to provide battlefield scene awareness.

Quantum Network2004

Created the world's first metropolitan network protected by quantum cryptography.

Shooter Detection Delivered2004

BBN delivered the first 50 Boomerang shooter detection systems to meet an urgent need for sniper detection in Iraq just 66 days after receiving the request to develop such a system from the U.S. government.


BBN announced AVOKE STX, enabling multimedia search by transforming audio into searchable text.

PodZinger (now EveryZing)2005

Launched PodZinger (now EveryZing), the first podcast search engine that allows users to search the full audio of multi-media podcast as easily as they search for text.

Fastest Quantum Cryptography2006

BBN smashes speed barriers with the world's fastest detector for practical quantum cryptography, enabling faster, super secure communications over greater distances.

Better Breast Cancer Diagnosis2007

BBN's Stereoscopic Digital Mammography system shows significant improvement in the early detection of suspicious lesions in a clinical trial conducted at Emory University's Breast Imaging Center.

5000 Boomerangs2008

BBN delivers over 5000 Boomerang shooter detection systems to U.S. Army to protect soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Top Places to Work2008

Bolt Beranek and Newman Technologies

BBN named one of the Top Places to Work in Massachusetts by The Boston Globe.

Prince of Asturias Laureate 2009

Bolt Beranek and Newman Technologies

BBN Principal Engineer Ray Tomlinson named Prince of Asturias Laureate for Technical and Scientific Research for the development of email and its advancement of human communications.

IEEE's Highest Award In Speech2009

Bolt Beranek and Newman Technologies

BBN Chief Scientist John Makhoul receives IEEE's highest award in speech processing, the IEEE James L. Flanagan Speech and Audio Processing Award, for pioneering contributions to speech modeling.

Boomerang Warrior 2009

Bolt Beranek and Newman Technologies

BBN develops Boomerang Warrior, a soldier-wearable shooter detection system to protect dismounted soldiers.

Raytheon Acquires BBN Technologies 2009

Raytheon Logo

Raytheon acquires BBN Technologies

Quantum Breakthrough 2010

Quantum Breakthrough

Raytheon BBN Technologies achieves quantum information breakthrough.
Read the press release.

Jim Barger Elected to NAE2011

Jim Barger

Chief Scientist Jim Barger Elected to NAE. Election to the National Academy of Engineering is among the highest professional distinctions accorded to an engineer and honors those who have made outstanding contributions to engineering research, practice, or education. Dr. Barger’s NAE citation reads, “For applications of acoustic technology and engineering solutions for the benefit of national security and society."

Boomerang & UK MoD2011

Ray Tomlinson

UK MoD selects Raytheon BBN Technologies’ Boomerang shooter detection system Read more.

Internet Hall of Fame 2012

Ray Tomlinson

Principal Engineer Ray Tomlinson Inducted into Internet Hall of Fame