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With 40 years of networking experience, Raytheon BBN Technologies is the leader in advanced networking technologies.

Long before networking as we know it existed, Raytheon BBN Technologies was developing networking solutions to meet our customers’ most critical needs.
  • In the ’60s we designed and built the predecessor to the Internet.
  • In the ’70s we developed the first router and achieved breakthroughs in academic networks, packet radio networks and encryption.
  • In the ’80s we built networks to carry voice and video and secure networks worldwide for military simulations.
  • In the ’90s we were a leader in standardizing Internet security and designing secure email.
In this decade, we have designed and implemented
  • Quantum-encrypted networks,
  • Advanced software in support of the wideband-network waveform,
  • Directional-antenna technologies,
  • Advanced network management software.

Today we are developing technology and architecture to enable an affordable, highly-capable, and rapidly deployable communication system under the DARPA WNaN program.

In 2007, we were named prime for the DARPA / AFRL Wireless Adaptive Network Development (WAND) program, to develop the technologies for establishing ultra-large, highly scalable and adaptive ad hoc networks that provide robust networking across densely connected deployments of inexpensive nodes — mobile networks with self-routing, -organizing and -healing capabilities.

We received an NSF grant to oversee the planning and design/ redesign of the next Internet — Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI).

We advanced the state of the art in disruption-tolerant networking (DTN) to permit reliable delivery of data in situations (from space missions to underwater communications) where stable end-to-end paths don’t exist and traditional approaches break down and deliver no data at all.

We were awarded a DARPA contract as prime to produce PHAROS, Petabit Highly Agile Robust Optical System, to provide global high-capacity fiberoptic core services with unprecedented speed, agility, and survivability.

Today Raytheon BBN Technologies continues to innovate, fielding novel mission-critical networks based on decades of success while continuing to press research forward at the leading edge of networking.

If you are working in mobile ad hoc networking, talk to us!

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