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Putting Together the Big Picture with Collective Intelligence

Helical Training is a new training approach that emphasizes information management, distributed coordination, and organizational navigation. Inspired by Alternate Reality Games (ARGs), Helical Training offers an opportunity to practice skills such as tracking situations over time, recognizing anomalies, and building trust networks. It encourages self-reflection and peer-directed learning through meta-discussion within a community of practice.

Asynchronous Training for Long Time-Duration Operations

A Helical Training event is an immersive, interactive training course that virtually brings together many trainees from different locations to work together, accomplishing individual and group goals within a shared scenario. It can be used to teach netcentric information management and organizational planning for long-duration, intermediate intensity operations.

Trainees enter the Helical Training event world through a web-portal called the Looking Glass and are assigned distinct roles and goals to accomplish in the scenario. Once inside the Looking Glass, trainees can send email, view online news and web pages, and use text chat and other collaborative tools within the fictional world of the scenario. Event controllers can access each trainee’s action history, lead feedback sessions, and cultivate a community of practice.

Applicable Training Domains

Helical Training is a novel application of ideas from an emerging gaming genre designed to fulfill a military need for experiential group training in staff level analysis and communications skills. Other potential audiences for Helical Training include the intelligence community, distributed corporate organizations, interagency response teams, and schools.