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Delivers Training Transformation

DARWARS is transforming training and increasing readiness by harnessing the full power of the lightweight experiential training that webcentric, simulation-based trainers provide. A DARPA-funded program for achieving training superiority, DARWARS is co-sponsored by DoD partners such as U.S. Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) and the Marines' Program Manager for Training Systems (USMC PM TRASYS). Today, low-cost, webcentric, simulation-based trainers can take advantage of widespread PC-based technology, including multi-player games, virtual worlds, intelligent agents, and online communities. The resulting systems offer immersive practice environments to individuals and teams, with on-target feedback for each trainee. And DARWARS provides new and advanced infrastructure and tools to develop and deliver proven and engaging distributed experiential training that dramatically increases readiness.

Comprehensive, Customizable, Component-based Architecture

The DARWARS Solution integrates DARWARS Training Systems with the DARWARS Core to provide a complete training solution that supports a particular organization and that supports the complete training life cycle. The DARWARS Solution is built around the DARWARS Core, a suite of technologies designed specifically to deliver training more effectively to a broad range of users. The flexibility of the DARWARS Solution allows training systems and programs to be customized to meet the needs of organizations of any size for both trainees and instructors. Both USJFCOM and USMC PM TRASYS are currently transitioning DARWARS Solutions.

Because the DARWARS Core employs a component-based architecture, specialized modules and tools make it easy to build, deploy, maintain, and update high-impact training systems. These include the Training Package editor, Training Event editor, and After-Action Review (AAR) presentation tool.

Training Tailored to the Trainee

The DARWARS Solution offers several innovations in training delivery by combining the impact of individual training systems with the power of the DARWARS Core. Before training begins, DARWARS matches trainees to roles in team-based scenarios based on their individual objectives and skills, tailors the training systems, and orchestrates the training event. During a training event, instructors and students can communicate with each other using built-in Voice over IP (VoIP), as well as by using instant message, chat, email, and message boards. After a training session, DARWARS provides a common access point for record keeping, and facilitates AAR and other feedback methods to ensure that experience translates into learning.

Employs Sound Pedagogical Principles

DARWARS provides a general pedagogical framework for simulation-based instruction — meeting training objectives by providing students’ experiences in simulations and virtual worlds. DARWARS trainees find appropriate training courses; choose ones that match their needs; review their performance; track their progress; and estimate their readiness for the next training experience or real-world event. DARWARS trainers will schedule training sessions based on the training objectives required of individuals, units, and teams. They will have access to performance information to enable the development of new curricula; tools to provide individualized real-time coaching; and applications that will allow them to conduct effective After Action Reviews. DARWARS supports all of these features in its single, unifying framework of specified objectives, conditions, and measures.