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“I like the speed of translation.”

“Easy to use. Dummy proof.”

“Soldiers recommend its use in a variety of tactical situations such as patrols, cordon and search missions, traffic control points, gate guard, or over loudspeakers. Some felt it would be useful in interrogations.”

“The [UMPC] system gets high marks for size, ruggedness, power consumption, multiple batteries, and functions like sleep/hibernate, application hot keys, and keyboard lock.” – Comments from members of the U.S. Military

Two-way speech to speech translation

BBN TransTalk™ is a portable, two-way translation device that facilitates the exchange of information across a language barrier. English speech is automatically translated and spoken in the foreign language. The foreign language speaker’s response is then translated automatically into English speech.

Our speech-to-speech translation technology is language independent and can be configured for any language pair.


  • Force-on-force training
  • Private peer-to-peer communication between military officers
  • Military intelligence gathering
  • Medical/refugee scenarios
  • Civil and administrative meetings such as SWET surveys
  • Session logging and evidence gathering


  • Full two-way translation of speech
  • Eyes-free mode for more natural conversation
  • Searchable audio log for review of conversations
  • Integrated USB handset combines microphone, speaker, and controls
  • Recognizes and translates free form speech
  • Configurable for new languages and specific technical domains

Supported Language Pairs

Superior Performance

In a recent third-party evaluation BBN TransTalk™ outperformed competitors’ devices in both accuracy and usability. As a pioneer in speech and language technologies and a contractor on some of the largest government R&D programs, BBN has a long track record of excellence in many areas of the field. Our core technology is established, robust, and state-of-the-art.


BBN’s TransTalk™ speech translation software runs in real time on most standard COTS laptops (tablets or notebook configuration) and desktops, including Panasonic Toughbooks and Panasonic U1 UMPC. We recommend the following laptop configuration:

Operating System Windows XP
Processor Speed 1.0 GHz
RAM 1.0 GB program memory
Storage Minimum 3GB,
Recommended 20 GB
TransTalk™ is also available for Android Smartphones in two- and one-phone configurations. The two-phone configuration enables natural, mixed-initiative interaction without tethering between speakers. We recommend the COTS Nexus One Smartphone with 150 MB of RAM and 500 MB of SD card disk space for the two-phone configuration, or 1 GB for the single phone configuration.