2008 Press Releases

BBN Technologies Awarded $4.4 Million in DoD Funding to Improve Network Monitoring Capabilities

— BBN Technologies, an advanced technology solutions firm, announced today it has been awarded $4.4 million in funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for the Scalable Network Monitoring program, in a contract administered by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR).

The goal of the Scalable Network Monitoring program is to develop new approaches to network-based monitoring that deliver performance capabilities orders of magnitude better than conventional approaches, regardless of the network's size and computational burden. Under the contract, BBN Technologies, leading a team of industry and academic partners, will develop novel, scalable attack detection algorithms; a flexible and extensible architecture for implementing and deploying the algorithms; and an execution environment for traffic inspection, feature extraction, and algorithm execution.

Scalable networking monitoring has become necessary as cyber attacks have grown more subtle and sophisticated. New technologies and applications provide new attack routes and have made traditional signature-based and anomaly detection-based defensive measures inadequate in both speed and sensitivity. To be effective in today's networks, detection algorithms must operate quickly, efficiently, and effectively in large, content-rich environments. To meet this challenge, the BBN team will develop a complete solution that is intrinsically scalable, designed for ultra high-speed deployment, and produces events that can be correlated with other network events to provide true positive alerts.

Tad Elmer, president and CEO, BBN Technologies, said, "BBN's leading edge R&D in network and information security continues to help our government protect its valuable information assets. This work will help to ensure that our defensive measures keep pace with the changing nature of network traffic and cyber attacks."

About BBN Technologies
BBN Technologies solves real problems through the creation and disciplined application of advanced technology. With expertise spanning information security, speech and language processing, networking, distributed systems, and sensing and control systems, BBN scientists and engineers have amassed a substantial collection of innovations and patented solutions. Today, BBN is managing the planning and design of GENI, an advanced network facility spanning the United States; is saving lives in Iraq and Afghanistan with its Boomerang Shooter Detection System; operates the first metro quantum cryptography network; has deployed the first real-time foreign broadcast monitoring system; and has demonstrated the benefits of the world's first stereoscopic digital mammography system in clinical trials. For more information, visit www.bbn.com.