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Ed Campbell

As president of Raytheon BBN Technologies, Ed Campbell is responsible for over 500 highly trained engineers and scientists working on cutting-edge R&D projects in internetworking, mobile networking, speech recognition, intelligent distributed systems, sensor systems, and quantum computing.

Campbell’s 34 years and diverse roles with Raytheon BBN give him a unique and comprehensive understanding of the organization and its entrepreneurial culture.

He has led groups or programs in technical areas including, distributed computing, logistics, artificial intelligence, geospatial systems, internetworking applications, speech and language processing, and real-time sensor & signal processing. Combining technical knowledge and executive management expertise, Campbell has frequently been asked to step in when an organization or technology group has needed to define its direction and strategy.

As Executive Vice President – Research & Development, Campbell championed the investment that led to the formation of a world class team in quantum research within BBN that is building new revenue streams in this emergent, highly-valued technology area.

As Executive Vice President – Operations, Campbell led the establishment of BBN business operations, from the ground up, following the management-led buyout from Verizon.

As a BBN Vice President with P&L responsibilities, Campbell built and led the Distributed Systems & Logistics business unit, the largest R&D group at the time, with over 100 total staff. Conceived and negotiated the licensing of CORBUS, BBN proprietary Object Request Broker software, to Visigenics Corp, now part of Borland International.

Campbell holds a bachelor’s degree in computer technology from Northeastern University and completed the Greater Boston Executive Program at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He is a Raytheon Six Sigma™ specialist and has completed Raytheon’s Leadership Excellence Program.